Merro-Streets On Lock (Watch Me Prevail) – 2008 – Chicano/Raza Site.

Merro-Streets On Lock (Watch Me Prevail) – 2008

01 Streets On Lock
02 We Be Some Riders (Feat. Mr. Knightowl & C.G)
03 Varrio Reppin (Feat. C.G)
04 Valas Fly (Feat. C.G)
05 Walking In The Rain (Feat. C.G)
06 Make It Last Forever (Feat. C.G)
07 Baby Dont Go (Feat. C.G)
08 On My Grind
09 Posted On The Block (Feat. Big Sloan & Big Rock)
10 Life Of A Killer (Feat. Slush Tha Villain & Sniper)
11 Chosen Few (Feat. Wicked From Brownside)
12 Always Stay True (Feat. Payaso & Young Chino)
13 Gangster Sounds (Feat. Lil Wisper & C.G)
14 We Put It Down
15 Shot Outs

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