Mr. Criminal Presents-Hood Affiliated 2 – 2009 – Chicano/Raza Site.

Mr. Criminal Presents-Hood Affiliated 2 – 2009

01  Intro
02  I Do It For The Streets
03  Down To Ride
04  Hood Affiliated Rollcall
05 Come Take A Ride Ft. Mr. Conejo, Script Loc
06  16 Switches Ft. Daffy Loco
07 Around Here Ft. Suga Free, Mr. Silent
08 Raised With Baldheaded Thugs Ft. C-Los
09 Bozo Call From The Pen Ft. Bozo
10 Crimes And The Gun Ft. Lil Cuete
11  All The Homies Roll Deep
12  The Arrival Ft. Mr. Capone-E
13 In Guns I Trust Ft. Trigger Man
14  My Time To Shine Ft. C-Los
15 Represent The G Town Ft. Wicked
16  Im A Real Rider Ft. Maniak
17 You Don’t Ft. Big Sancho, Lil Lazy

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